Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
The song Bring on the Wonder, sung by Sarah McLachlan and written by Susan Enan, spoke to me a year ago.  Sarah’s Laws of Illusion CD showcases many songs that express her hauntingly beautiful voice. Bring on the Wonder ‘wowed’ me and matched my mood and mindset precisely.

Using her expressive voice, and Susan Enan’s magical lyrics, I combined them with my photographs.  

Please check out my visual expression of this song…but please check out Sarah McLachlan’s website and Susan Enan’s website….as it was these two women who inspired this compilation.  



06/21/2016 5:24am

This video is great! Thanks for posting.

07/04/2016 4:06am

I like your visual expression of that song!

08/21/2016 4:37pm

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