Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
Here’s something good to do.  Leave a note of love / appreciation in a book, at the library, on a public mirror, at a bus stop, on someone’s desk or door.  Below is a sampling of what I did at the school I teach at.  This was in the Jr. High Grils Washroom…
We are capable of brightening someone's life, even a complete stranger(!), if we just try. Words are powerful... and we all get bombarded from the media and society about how our hair isn't the right color, or our teeth are not white enough, or we are using the wrong housecleaning materials, or we need to be a certain size/weight....just look at the advertisements out there. All are fear based...based on how we aren't good enough. So, I placed a new form of advertisement out there....a positive, loving, caring and uplifting one. I hope you will join me. Words are powerful and you can make someone smile today.... Really.... XO


05/14/2016 10:15am

It is always great to take pictures in bathrooms, specially when they have our tubs :).

05/19/2016 2:53am

Nice idea! I like it so much!

08/19/2016 8:17am

You sure are good that someone is able to love you from this desperation but keep some things in mind about love. All the things you have said about love really inspires me to be special in someone’s life.


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