Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
I am starting a new creative adventure, and I want you involved!  It is ARTiculating: Loves, Lessons and Life.  And no art experience, or perfection is necessary. As well as, messes and mistakes are encouraged!

“ARTiculating” is a creative project started by Barbara Burns (moi!!).  In a funky and fun way, you will share the lessons and advice you have learned over the years.  You will have the opportunity to create a small a visual, literary, audio OR video to share with your younger self. You can write, draw, paint, sew, photograph, collage, mix medias and/or sing a song or create a video blog (vlog) to your earlier self.  The choices are unlimited….be creative, brief and have fun!

Your piece can be signed or anonymous.  They will be posted on the website 

“But Barb, how do you get my piece?” You can scan it and send to OR you can snail mail it to me, (4601 Champagne Drive, Athabasca, AB, T9S1J5) and I will scan it and put it on the website.

Have a look at the website for more information and answers …or you could always email me back here.  I would love to have you involved!

Love, Barb 



09/10/2016 10:51am

I am very fond of making different arts and for this purpose visit many pages in a day. But your page is very beneficial for me because here a lot of information available about art. So, i decide that now must visit your page in my spare time and accumulate precious points for art.

11/13/2016 11:21am

With the joining of this activity we can get the batter way of the learning the different relevant things. This is really outclass one activity that you are going to organize buddy, it will really helping us for our encouragement.


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