Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
In October, I went to an amazing conference hosted by Patti Digh.  My brain and heart are still soaking in all the information, creativity and spirit from those 4 days in Atlanta.

Tonight is the deadline to submit to present at next year’s conference in San Francisco. After sitting quietly, and wondering what ‘strong offer’ I could give to others, the title “The Courage to Remain” came to me.

Below is my proposal...and if it is not accepted, I will still share my strong offer (after the conference, here, on my website... and naturally with others personally).  

Proposed Session Title: The Courage to Remain: Choosing Life and Love

Proposed Session Description:
Did you know that one in ten Americans suffer from depression?  Did you know that pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined?  In an eight-year time span, I found a growth on my spine, had an operation to remove it and recovered; I was then told that the growth had regrown and that the neurosurgeons did not know how to heal me. I fell into a deep depression with countless thoughts of suicide. 

Going to the Design Your Life Camp, in 2013, was a reward I gave to myself for not killing myself.  I have survived, despite this growth on my spine, and am beginning to thrive.  

In this session, through my Art Work and Words, I will share the story about my struggle with chronic pain and depression.  I will also share how I am here today.  In dealing with the uncertainty of life and chronic pain, what am I doing to help me live a productive and happy life?  How have I transcended thoughts of death to wanting to live?

Everyone has pain.  Everyone has sadness.  In this session, I wish to give hope to those who are struggling or know someone who is struggling.  I am a Teacher, by trade, but instead of sharing Art, I will share my heART. I will reveal my story and the steps I took to reclaim my life; I desire to share my lesson of “The Courage to Remain: Choosing Life and Love.”

What are the top three things an attendee will learn from your session:
1. Community Services:  Let your guard down to your tribe
2. Creating Space:  Cut Back, not Out
3. Courage to Live a New Way



If a person loss all the things but have a high courage it means that he not loss any thing. High courage play an important role in our life because this thing complete the very important tasks of the life and face any difficulty.

09/05/2016 1:15pm

This is a good example of well made thesis.


This is a good topic to discuss in front of the large amount of crowd. This would be a helpful material to resolve the problem of other people. People who are encountering pain may be guided through this research. And may provide them solutions to their problems. It is true that people get easily depressed by any pain. But knowing that this would guide them to go through their pain. I would say that this would really give them the courage to stand up and fight the pain they are encountering.

06/20/2017 3:27am

It was an amazing conference. It's a pity I've missed it. Maybe next time.


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