Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
This was the first time Siri dressed herself.  She was so excited, by this milestone, she ran to her mom and danced with joy.

Remember when we were young and how the excitement and pride overflowed from us, when we successfully completed something?  Exuberance and joy spilled out of us.  Our joy could not be contained. We would shriek with delight, flay our hands in the air, dance to the music of our souls and grin from ear to ear.  And every person we came in contact with, would know of our great escapade.

Then there came a time when began to contain ourselves.  We were informed it was important not to talk, laugh or express in a grandeur manner. So, we watched our words and monitored our exuberance; we made our feelings fit in a box so others would not be uncomfortable with our expansiveness.

We are adults now.  And joy is not meant to be contained. Milestones, baby steps and anything that makes you smile, are to be celebrated.  We are not put on this earth to play small.  We are here to express ourselves fully.  If you ask a child “When you are feeling happy, do you express it?” they will look at you funny, and say, “always.”

So, always express your joy.  Feel it. Voice it. Always. 



08/06/2016 4:26am

We must have express our joy because this is the way to increase our happiness. We can't hide our sadness so we should not hide happiness also because both of these things are the part of life.


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