Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
On this "blustery wintery, no school tomorrow because the busses are cancelled" Throwback Thursday night, I thought a hockey picture would be suitable.  I first posted this image, online, in November 2011.  Below some background information for this image, then the artwork, and finally the 'words' I created for this piece.

Background to the image:
I grew up in a sports active family, and in the fall/winter/spring months, ‘ice sports’ were part of our extracurricular activities (hockey, ringette, figure skating…).  So, naturally as an artist, I have created my fair share of ‘sporting’ images.

I have been commissioned to create work for weekend and professional athletes.  One professional athlete, who commissioned a work from me, was Glenn Anderson. Glenn was an exciting hockey player to watch.  And in 2008, Glenn was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. 

Despite Glenn giving me numerous pictures to work from, he wanted me to create a work from a picture of he and Mark Messier at their first All-Star Game Dinner together.    Out of all the photos he gave me, there was another image that stood out.  So, I completed my picture for Glenn, and went to work on this piece…. Canada Cup.

Words for  this Artwork:
My past has memories of hockey.  In winter, the ice waited for us.  On Saturday nights, we gathered around the television.  From a hockey player’s sweater, my favorite number was realized.

So, the question needs to be asked: Does this sport define us as people, or do the participants make the game?  The answer is, “Yes.” Hockey is a sibling to Canada’s past.

As a Canadian, my identity is tied to this sport.  This game has the same nature that created this nation.  In its play, I observe tenacity, endurance and heart.  I witness players adapting to the changes that occur around them with fluid strength and a quiet pride.  Comradeship is balanced with the solid awareness of each player’s potential.  Controlled abandon is skillfully applied.

My past memories of hockey have defined my present.  This is how I to choose to play the game of life. 



Hockey is played in few countries of the world. It is tough and good game for the players and even for the viewers. It is fascinating and skillful. The tactful living of the players are admired and appreciated with the enhanced and magnified sports and games.


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