Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
I wish you all Light & Love everyday, but especially today.  Often the Christmas Season is a time of frantic movements and crowded space.  We can get so caught up in what we need to do that we can forget what is best for ourselves.  We can find ourselves in closed quarters with others and being bombarded by noise, movement and stress.  I encourage you to find moments to breathe.  As silly as it sounds, the bathroom, with the door locked, can be a wonderful reprieve. Really!!! In this tiny room, it is socially acceptable to be by yourself, for a time. So take it if you need it!!!  Also, another way to handle the busyness is to stop and truly take it all in. Detach yourself from the emotional ties of the moment, and become an Observer to it all.  I encourage you to find the Light & Love in the moment; there is beauty in the ordinary. Today... and Everyday.



09/07/2016 12:35am

Must read this post to know how to survive the holidays that are well discussed here. I think taking rest or doing some important house jobs is the best way to spend our holidays but some people waste it in games and other activities even they feel tired because of working for whole week.


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