Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
PictureLet the Light In (Winter Solstice Altar)
The Winter Solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere, is the shortest day of the year. Living in Northern Alberta, all who live here are very aware that daylight is at its premium at this time; it is not uncommon that one goes to work in the darkness, comes home in the dark, and never see the light of the sun. The great news about the Winter Soltice is that after this day, the sunlight returns, in increasing measure, as each day passes. Ah, the return of the light!

But before the light returns in full force, the darkness and cold of winter surrounds us.  For example, concerning the earth, winter can be considered as the Earth's Renewal Time as all is quiet, resting and waiting. And as for some animals, such as bears, squirrels and bumblebees, they hibernate. Winter can also be a moment of stillness and rest for us as well.

I see this time as an opportunity to be reminded that life is all about moments of patience, healing, transformation, and releasing what no longer serves me. I am a reflective person by nature, and I find the darkness of winter is a reminder for me to look within.  For I find, when I look into my darkness (my fears and insecurities), I find there is nothing really to fear, because, in reality, my fears are actually just Teachers wanting me to release all my self-imposed prisons. Once I acknowledge my weaknesses and limitations, I can bring them into the light, and change. Also, at this time of nature's stillness, I reflect on the reason I am here (i.e. My Soul's Purpose), and what are my hopes and dreams. With this said, isn't it interesting that this is the time of year when New Year's Resolutions are created?

So, I encourage you to shed some light in an area that has been in the dark. Allow yourself to look at your fears, limitations and weaknesses with new eyes. This is not a time for berating yourself for how you have fallen short, but to reflect and see the possibility of renewal. Read and listen to others who can shed light into your life, and who can feed your soul and spirit. With that said, I encourage you to listen to that little voice in you, and follow that magical wish (i.e. to have a nap, go to that show, call that person and etc.). And finally, be patient with yourself, and know that all things are possible.

There is Magic in this moment.

Light and Love,



12/23/2014 8:48am

There is magic in every moment, light and dark. This is a beautifully written piece and a reminder of how much we need each other's light and warmth. Here in Arizona, winter is the time we can hike and be outside. A good way to connect to Nature, which is the wild in us all.

12/23/2014 6:28pm

Quinn, thank you for your words. Here's to some great hikes for you!

09/15/2016 6:56am

Having the courage to acknowledge your weaknesses as well as your limitations is a sign of strength. However, we should always think that all things are possible if we firmly believe in ourselves. If we let go of our fears that hold us back, we would realize that there is nothing that's really impossible. Take risks and follow your instincts. Do not allow those fear to stop you. After all, you could easily make adjustments and carry on with your life if you realize that you're wrong.


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