Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
Below is what I wrote about this piece, that was created in January 2007. 

The other day, I picked up a book called Other People’s Love Letters.  The editor, Bill Shapiro of LIFE magazine, searched and edited this book into existence.  Reading other people’s love letters seemed almost voyeuristic, but at the same time it was like peering into my own life.  After the third love letter randomly read, in the bookstore, and becoming teary eyed, my friend Kendra said, “I think you need to buy this book.”

I confess, I’m a sucker for love.  I LOVE love.  I feel affection for seeing people in love… I cry at commercials that show acts of kindness… I savour the feelings of love… I give a touch of love ‘just because’…I think you get the point. 

Needless to say, love letters have a special place in my heart!  Over the years I have poured my heart out on various keyboards and paper, and I have had my affections returned (and sometimes… not).  I have a folder entitled ‘kind words.’  This folder is divided into four sections: love letters from family, from ‘work,’ from friends and naturally, from lovers.

My latest journal entry is inspired by the above book, Other People’s Love Letters.  From my folder, I tenderly pulled out my past lovers.  As I reread their words of honesty, passion, love and tenderness, I cried.  I cried because I have been loved.  I have been loved, well…very well.

This image is a journal visual of some of the love letters I have received.  There is a reason for everything in this work, but to tell you would take away from the love I feel from this piece.  I call this work:  Love Let Hers.



09/03/2016 3:27am

Love is not a candle light dinner, long walk and long conversion but trust and compromise is love. Unfortunately some people have a bad concept about love when i think a true love have an importance in every person life.


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