Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
(NOTE: This ArtWork was created in 2006. In my journal, I wrote down my thoughts when I created this piece.  It wasn't until today, when I posted it on my webpage, that I completed this ArtWork & Words. The following Words are based on what I wrote so many years ago...and with a few addition)

Love is a powerful emotion that can create mighty actions. Because of love, bridges are built. And in the name of love, harm has been instilled.

Sometimes we contain what we believe love to be. In the name of love, I have seen possessiveness, narrow-mindedness, controlling ways, anger turned to rage, words spewed with intentions of guilt, and hatred justified. It doesn’t seem that these words should be synonymous for love, but some people’s actions have shown that this is how ‘love’ acts in the name of religion, relationships and life’s realities.

Often when we are caught up in our own lives and beliefs, we become blind. It seems we cannot see past the differences and our perceptions.  We forget that behind the clouds, in our world, is a sky of blue. We forget that spring follows winter. We forget that despite our differences, we all breathe the same air and bleed when we are cut.

Isn’t it time to change the way we ‘love’? For if our ‘love’ is based on fear, or not embracing someone because their lives aren’t based on our beliefs, then it isn’t love. There are too many separated and damaged spirits in the world to ‘love’ like this.

We are more similar than different and may we love by accepting where another’s bodies, minds and spirits are at this moment in time (even if it is opposed to ours). Differences do not mean death to our relating to others. See others through the love lens of expansiveness and healing. 



01/03/2015 3:37am

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01/08/2015 4:48pm

Thank you so much for your kind words concerning my art and my words. It means a great deal to me that you found it to be helpful in your life and that it provided what you needed at that time. Your words have touched me.


Creation is art and many artist makes the differ picture and things. Here we can see the beautiful art and this one is nice art. Art is gift of God and it is unique language and simple peoples can not understand it easily.


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