Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
Today is #BellLetsTalk Campaign.  And today, Bell, a telecommunications company, puts 5 cents for every tweet of #BellLetsTalk towards mental health initiatives.  I like this type of company promotion as it helps others.  Money is raised, but it also raises the awareness of mental of illness.  For far too long, mental illness has been whispered about and people have not sought treatment because of the stigma of having a mental illness.

Mental illness is more common than people think. Statistically they say, one in five people will suffer from a mental illness in their lifetime.  The reality is that everyone has been touched with mental illness whether it be as an individual, or through a family member , coworker or acquaintance. 

I have suffered from depression. My last bout came when I found out that the growth on my spine had returned. I went into a very dark hole and only came out of it thanks to therapy, medication, family, friends, coworkers and creating ArtWork & Words. If you suffer from any mental illness, I encourage you to get help. 

Above I shared two ArtWork & Words pieces that pertains to my bout with depression. The black and white ink work is called "True to the Core." The font is small, so I will transcribe it below, as I think it shares a small aspect of how a person feels, in the world, with depression.

True to the Core
I have been lying to you. My exterior interactions tell you that I am solid, real and good, but deep inside I feel that something is wrong at the core of my being.  There is a hole, a void, an absence that makes me feel alone and wounded.  So, I try to fill my cavernous core to prove that I am whole.  Then in my eyes I won't feel like nothing, as I will appear as something to yours.



Well campaigns mostly set by different kinds of multinational companies. There are lots of companies are working into one country. Some of them are international trademark and some are local. But all of them set campaigns to boost their sales.

11/05/2016 4:50am

Campaigns like these have helped a lot of people become aware of certain issues. It works in both ways. It boost-up the companies image and at the same time provides awareness to what they are fighting for. The continuous support of these companies help reach out to people who have problems. it is up to the community that the company reached-out to continue the support they have started.

09/06/2016 11:42pm

I like this company promotion as you too! It is very helpful for all who needs this!

10/05/2016 8:17am



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