Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
There is something wonderful about a new beginning.  A new baby, a recent improvement in work, the beginning of a relationship or almost anything fresh, brings light to the eyes of those sharing its news (and to those hearing it).

Today is the first day of a new year.  Like most people, before I turned the page to this new year, I looked back at the past twelve months.  This was a moment where I pondered and considered the times I just lived. I find reflection is a good thing, as I can step back and look at what is working in my life and the things I wish to change.  From this perspective, I can bring light to what I wish to perceive more of in my existence. New Year’s Resolutions can range from the desire to get healthier, leave a relationship, find a special someone, take care of the financial house, sign up for an art class or adopt a pet from the SPCA. Whatever it is, the key is that it needs not to be based on other’s ideals, but my own wants and dreams.

I know what makes me tick. I know what sparks my interest, what adds fire to my spirit and what makes me smile when I think of it.   And when I have been unsure of what makes me tick, my intention is then to find what does; from there, I then set out and allow myself the opportunity to play, experiment and learn. The foundation of life is to be true to ourselves, and to do this we need to find the light within us. When we connect to who we are, there is joy in our lives, our actions seem easy, and we shine in all that we do.

Each of us is a light. Some radiate their talented light on a world stage, while others enlighten others, closer to home, by their thoughts and actions.  There are leaders who, by the light they carry, ignite a movement, while an unassuming soul can shine on someone’s life with a smile or kind word. One type of light (life) is not more important than another; light is Light. We each have our own brilliance to share with the world around us. Your light is needed.



07/13/2016 12:48am

No doubt that there are many things new in beginning and new baby is a really very nice beginning. I like that painting up there because i never seen beautiful painting like this before.


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