Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
How often are you bored, or feeling 'off,' and instead of dealing with the reasons why you are 'off,' you ignore it and turn to other ways to  fill the discontent you feel inside? I say,"Yep...been there...done that!" 

This #TBT #Artwork&Words is about being emotionally hungry  and trying to fill it by other means. We can fill ourselves with eating, drinking, having sex, trying to find pleasure, sleeping it away, and even striving to fulfill our dreams. (In fact, I know I have used all of the above...thus, the art work!!). Written on this piece I wrote, "This strong emotion of 'want' is often not a 'need.' I'm looking to be filled. Trying to fill the emptiness...a boredom...a self-hatred...a discontent that I feel inside."  

It can all start from feeling out of sorts, or not being happy in the present moment, or even knowing 'something is missing' in our lives. From this point, we then try to satisfy ourselves with an object, person or activity that will temporarily quench our desire/want. I find this works, for a moment, or even moments (i.e. days/months/years), and then we see that this longing is truly something deeper.

People have always resonated with this ArtWork&Words, because I think it speaks a truth we often try to hide. What has helped me over the years is to see that I am a human and to err is human; to know that I have not always responded to my emptiness, boredom, self-hatred or discontent in the most positive way!  I have also come to know that I need to truly listen to my heart and be true to my deeper longings that I may be ignoring. 

And then, with that said, eating, drinking, having sex, sleeping and meeting my goals are very pleasurable!!!! I now try to savour them, not out of a way to be filled, but to  enjoy them for the pleasures of life!

I'd love to hear your comments! How do you fill yourself up when you are bored or unhappy? Or what spoke to you the most about this ArtWork&Words?


04/20/2015 11:19am

All people need to truly listen to their hearts and be true to their deeper longings that they may be ignoring.

06/19/2016 1:54am

Life is full of wants. What we need is moderation. It only in our thirst for knowledge that we should not stop. For with learning, we better ourselves. That's why if we have time and money, it would be best to enroll again. Going back to school is a brave act and a life-changing opportunity because you open your self to new experiences.

06/24/2017 10:29pm

There are times that we often feel hungry, not for food but for love, affection, appreciation, attention etc. these are all in the emotional aspects of our lives. We sometimes feel that there are something missing in our lives and we think that it could only be fulfilled with these aspects Every time I feel something like this, I just pray to God all the things that worries me, I pray to him that I hope I would be able to overcome it and I pray that it will end soon enough.

04/24/2016 11:51pm

I don’t think so that after watching your picture that anything can stop your hunger. Nice post you draw a unique topic label. We should think about these factors which are increasing day by day in our society.

09/12/2016 9:21pm

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12/03/2016 2:48pm

The quote written in your blog says, "This strong emotion of 'want' is often not a 'need.', and I think this is me or can I say us. People today would rather choose pleasures that make their wants to be fulfilled than their needs to be addressed. Or rather on the other hand, the wants are becoming needs just to feel the discontentment. I'm so guilty on it, on becoming this person in the picture. But I'm glad, I read your article. I became aware of my wants and needs. Thank you for your thoughts about this matter.


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