Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
As I was clearing out my basement treasures (a.k.a accumulated clutter), I found some treasures. The image above, which I call Winner, is a drawing I created while I was in High School. It was based on another person's drawing/print that was framed in my parent's house; in fact, they still have it...somewhere.  I don't know the artist's name or the name of the horse.  All I remember is that it was a Kentucky Derby winner and that my parents love the memories of their youth with their horses.

I remember going out to my grandparents ranch, in the Cypress Hills, when I was younger. My grandfather, Dooley, managed a ranch that was 177,000 acres, while my grandmother, Myrtle, maintained the 'machine' (i.e. feeding themselves and their workers, while cleaning the living quarters and the clothes).  My grandma had many gardens; one of the gardens was the size of a football field, as she had to plant, grow, harvest, can and cook the food everyone ate).  In fact, my grandpa's job was so important, that when the call of war came, in World War Two, he was informed that he needed to stay and work the land and animals to help the cause; he was very disappointed in this request, but my grandma was very pleased with this news.

So, when I look at this image, I see my history.  It is the tie to the land as well as the strength, power, pride and tenacity that runs in my veins.  Being a 'winner' isn't necessarily who comes first, but that quiet, intense presence that shows up everyday and does the best they can do.  There is power in this.


04/20/2016 5:20am

It’s a wonderful feeling when you find something from your child hood, lovely you found you first drawing at high school. i can imagine how good you felt, you took that drawing out and showed it to your siblings that how good you were at drawing. It happens when you found memories.


It’s amazing to have such a pleasing childhood memory, I try to remember my child hood but everything is just blur, my mom is not alive I cant ask anyone else reading your blog reminds me of that.

06/21/2017 7:47pm

Reminiscing the good old times is the best. I remember the times when me and my mom still lives in Houston. Houston is my birthplace and I have a lot of childhood memories there. I remember playing on my grandmother's farm, I tend to run around and climb on haystacks and chase chickens all afternoon. I loved that place. I miss the good old times, I also miss being a child. It really gives me the chills remembering those happy moments.


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