Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
So often we want to know the final outcome and to 'know things for sure' before we risk. There will be times when we will have those 'know for sure' moments and times where we just need to take that first step.  Life is full of magic; the key is to show up and to be open to whatever comes our way. Yes, we can direct our own sails, but there are times when life can throw us a curve ball, and we just need to see the possibilities and not the "oh, sh*t!"

So, as I share the written words on this #ArtWork&Words piece below,  I encourage you to see the magic in the knowing and in your unknowing. You may be surprised...

"There is magic in the there is comfort and assurance of the next step on our path. The knowing of our abilities, of our strengths and our weaknesses can give rise to growth of our essence.
There is magic in the there is excitement and dreams of hope in the unwritten vastness. The knowing of choice, possibilities and summits can give rise to the progression of 'us.'
Allowing the unknown creep into the known and the knowing of the unknowing...there is magic."

Light and Love to you all.  And if you feel inclined, I would love to hear from you about how you deal with the known and unknown!

(Side/post-note: Every now and again, a word reappears in my life. Being an artist, I am always aware of symbols and things/words that catch my eye/heart! The word 'magic' has come in, and out of my life, many times. The above #TBT #ArtWork&Words was created in 2006. This past month, the word 'magic' has made its presence known ,and to coincide with this fact, I am creating a new #ArtWork&Words piece. ***beaming***  Is there a word or 'thing' that keeps popping up in your world?  What do you do with it?). 


Artistic person always reflect something from their work, and they have a unique thinking . An artist live his own life in creativity, he loves to explore different things and work on different ideas. Good work.


Light and Love to you too!))

05/27/2016 1:17am

Magic is friendship to me. As a metaphor, It is something I look at my life everyday. I love enchanting stories and fairy tales because our soul's crave magic. I love Harry Potter stories. There is a full of magic in their world. As a teenager, I find joy and happiness in the simplest of things. I can run around, bake a cookie and read more books. My mind is incredibly powerful. It is believing in myself, I can make anything happen.

06/08/2016 7:04am

Magic is in the air tonight. Can you feel it?


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