Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
I believe we have the power to change; through our actions, we can effect the direction of our personal lives and those around us. Often we think, in order for things to change, it has to be a grand gesture. Yes, we can take a giant leap to alter our (and others) reality, but it can also be done through a single step. This single step can be a kind word, a small act, or a single decision.

Sometimes we don't know what the effects of our actions can have. All we need to do is to decide what speaks to our hearts and minds, and take the first step. For if we are true to ourselves, listen to what makes our hearts sing, and that it is kind (to ourselves and others), then the effect has the possibility of something special. It is like feeding a tender bloom. From our own flower can be the beginning of a garden.

Think of your cause today? What do you want to focus on? What single step, can you take, that can lead you on your journey? For where your heart and mind is, there is your life. Focus on a word. Have a mantra, saying or affirmation that reminds you of your cause. What do you intend to share of yourself with your family / loved ones / coworkers / community / strangers / the world? Because you every interaction with others or moment of solitude, you are expressing all that you desire.

You have the power. You have the choice. Where will you go today? You have a cause, and you are the effect. 

Sidenote: For the month of April, I wore red lipstick, everyday, for the Red My Lips Campaign. This campaign was to encourage awareness on sexual assault and victim blaming. I told my High School students about this, and I found that in my classroom, for the month of April, I saw others wearing red lipstick. Some students told me that they had no red lipstick in their possession, and like me, had to go out and buy it, in order to wear it, for this campaign.

I have never been a 'red lipstick sort of girl,' as it seemed too bright and bold. In fact, I was quite conscious of my lips during the first week of this campaign. But I believed in the message of this campaign, and took daily selfies, and posted them on social media, to show my support. Even at Parent Teacher Interviews, I wore my red lips and shared the message with a Red My Lips flyer behind me. 

And, now it is May. Reflecting back on this campaign, I have come to see a few things:
  1. a simple action can have an effect
  2. putting on red lipstick (i.e. stepping outside my comfort zone) became more comfortable as time went on. This is SO applicable to life and our fears.
  3. through social media, people can meet, connect and share their brave stories and messages (especially Instagram/ and Twitter for this campaign) 
  4. I found out that I rock red lips! (and I will be wearing my April red lipstick purchases in other months of the year!)


03/25/2016 9:22am

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A wise man named Josemaria once said that "a little act, done for love, is worth so much!" This quote is the motto I personally live by. I thought of sharing it here since I found myself relating with your post. Sometimes grand gestures aren't necessary for change. Simple acts can always be enough, as long as it is done out of love. Taking care of one's self applies to this as well. I think that we should love ourselves more. And now is always the best time to start acting with love.

04/26/2016 1:00am

nice look!!!

08/11/2016 5:11am

Tell us more about the idea of this campaign! It's very interesting.

10/18/2016 9:11am

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