Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
PictureTeacher, Barbara Burns' art room office door, "Post-it Note Love Bombed"
I just found out I have breast cancer. Being the teacher that I am, I shared my story in hopes that it may help someone along their path. Well, it helped me as well.

I am blessed with amazing people in my life (loved ones, family, friends, coworkers, students, community members and complete strangers). The love, and support, that rippled back to me came in not just a wave, but a tidal wave.

I have been known to leave Post-it Notes (i.e. Love Bombs) of love around (i.e. washrooms, offices, desks etc.). Well, karma does exist. The day after I shared my news with my students (and the world, via my website), I came in an saw 'Post-It Note Love Bombs' on my Art Room Office door and all in my office.

Words won't adequately express what I felt, and feel now, but the tears ran and I felt completely surrounded and stronger. Thank you, to the whoevers (as there were different types of handwriting), for your kindness and love. Thank you.



03/08/2016 1:44am

Breast cancer is increasing day to day and medical departments have raise awareness about the reasons of this dangerous disease to stop it and women also should try their best to get knowledge about it to save themselves.

07/12/2016 1:50am

I recalled the professor I had in my Human Anatomy and Physiology course when I read this post. She was a really caring and good professor. We always looked forward to her classes. She had such an upbeat personality that we have failed to recognize that she was already really sick. We were just told that she meant for us not to know so as not to bring us down. I know we were able to show her that we loved having her, and cared for her dearly. But I do hope that we got a chance to do something as grand as this to let her know how special she has become in our lives.


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