Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
Barbara Burns Let Me Be BraveBarbara Burns waiting to see the oncologist at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton.
Yesterday I went for my blood tests and exam that I get before every chemotherapy session the following day.  Well, it seems that my infection is still hanging on, and they will be postponing my chemo until next week. I am disappointed with these results, but I know that they have my best interests at heart...and so, I wait and heal. This reminds me, once again, that the timeline I have in my head, is not necessarily the timeline of my body. 

So today, I slept in, ate chocolate, and was loved by friends through cards, texts, messages and hearts! Recovery is good!



Bev hayward
08/21/2015 9:17pm

My all the hearts surround you and give you strength from them as they are a symbol of all the people/friends surrounding you with love,strength, & prayers to help you along this journey.❤💙💜💓💕💖💗💞💟you are a very special lady to many

Jean land
08/21/2015 10:08pm

So many prayers and lots of love to you!

susan creller
08/28/2015 9:08am

unfortunately, things happen that it doesn't care that you have a schedule, but chocolate is real good!!! Friendship and Family will always be key. Take Care dear. God Bless.

03/20/2016 9:30am

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03/22/2016 2:16pm

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