Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
As I write this, my mom passed a year ago. Dad, Bonnie, Terri, Rob and I surrounded her in her last few days on this earth. We shared stories full of laughter and tears; love filled the air. 

Dealing with the effects of chemotherapy and your mom's passing can make for a tough day. Today, my brother sent a beautiful flower arrangement with a card that provoked so much more than words.  The sentence, "Mom's looking down and is proud of you," was the impetus to creatively remember her. 

So.... I put make up on (as the eyebrows and eyelashes kinda 'go' from chemo).  I put on the colour red, as she loved the colour on me. I went outside, on my deck amongst the trees and sky, as she loved nature and the view of the valley from its platform. I took a deep breath in, remembered her strength and took a picture.

She never 'approved' of short hair on me, but she may have been okay with this look today (concerning the circumstances). And with that said, even though she loved my smile, I think she would have liked this self-portrait. 

I miss you, mom. I love you.
Cancer Survivor, Barbara Burns, remembering her mom's one year passing. In Remembrance.


09/02/2015 6:29pm

What a beautiful remembrance. I'm sure you find ways to honor your mom on a regular basis. And yes, I'm sure she understands..... Much love, Marci

09/02/2015 9:24pm

Your Mom would be very Proud of you. The strength and Faith you show is Amazing.. She is watching every step you make and is by your side...❤️

09/03/2015 12:55pm

Hugs and prayers are with you today... I remember the day you told me of your mom's passing 😓. May you continue to find strength through the love and caring of others. May your mom's love and memories help you today and the days to come....I'm sure she was a special lady just like you are 💗💗

09/04/2015 6:02pm

You are beautiful in every sense of the word, Barbara, as was your mother and you are both very much loved by me.

09/05/2015 11:40pm

Sending up sky telegrams for you Barb. : )

10/03/2016 10:38am

Very sad to know your mother dead she will be a brave person. God give you and your family strength I really glad to read your post about your mother and should remember her in your thoughts and remember her with good words.


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